Reasons to use a managed print service

Are you of the opinion that your SME would gain no benefits from a managed print service? But have you considered the hidden costs of print?

Let’s have a look at the numbers

Granted, you may have one to fifty employees. But research shows that for every employee an organisation has, the cost per employee in printing terms may be as much as €10,800 per year. This figure does not include the cost of outsource printing expenditure with printing firms. The print costs most businesses are aware of are only visible costs. These represent only 20% of the real picture. But what about those hidden costs of print?

This is where the belief that it is only a business with a very high print output that can benefit from a managed print service comes from. This is not necessarily true.

Taking back control

Do you know who is printing what and when? How they are printing and whether they are doing it efficiently? Regardless of your business having a single colour printer or a multitude of multifunctional devices, a managed print service enables a business to measure its usage and then gain some valuable clarity in many areas.

Many of your employees may be printing single-sided, or, perhaps, printing all their print in colour. It is possible they are sending incorrect or improperly sized files to the wrong printers. You probably do not even know what is being printed by who and this means you do not know your true costs. Chances are, you simply know that your costs are too high and that you or your IT staff spend way too much time on device management and maintenance. A managed print service gives an enterprise of any size a single point of control that manages all this output and reduces costs.

Do you know how to calculate your print costs?

It is a good idea to assess the costs of your printing, whether you use a single desktop colour printer or an entire fleet of printers. It is only by doing this that the real picture in terms of costs will become evident. What you will find is that expenditure goes way beyond the cost of toner or print per copy costs. Even if you have a low cost per copy rate on colour and mono printing, it very quickly becomes immaterial if your printing volumes are escalating.

More often than not, this is when it becomes evident to the SME customer that they are incurring costs which are in excess of what they had originally projected. It is unsurprising that projected print costs are regularly found to be way off, simply because it is difficult to account for all the variables that go into an accurate calculation of true print costs. In many cases, the client will simply not know how to calculate such costs.

Monitor your print environment

Quarterly business reviews, within a managed print service, will constantly monitor and review the print environment and fleet users. It is this reporting and analysis that allows for greater control of the print environment, leading to extra value and cost savings for the organisation. Regardless of an organisation having a print fleet of one single desk top colour printer or one hundred devices, a managed print service significantly reduces the annual cost associated with any print environment. How can this be possible?

Here are some of the many ways costs are reduced:

  • Direct print to the most cost-effective device.
  • Enforce duplex printing.
  • Default to black and white.
  • Track and charge back costs.
  • Automated toner reordering and service call logging reduces the load on staff as well as down time.
  • Greater transparency on print usage through the gathering of data around utilisation, usage patterns and more.
  • View printers, IP addresses and status alerts.
  • Put a stop to unnecessary printing with verified print release.
  • Produce standard and custom reports.
  • Use print ID cards and PIN numbers to allow for secure print.
  • Enforce a fixed quarterly spend for all hardware, software, supplies and service thus negating the need for a capital outlay.

When you outsource your company’s entire print infrastructure to a managed print service provider, you are essentially getting rid of the headache of print. Instead, you get one quarterly bill that simplifies everything.

Added benefits: the digital transformation of your business processes

Now you can forget about the worry of hidden costs and enjoy the hidden benefits! Once print devices are networked, documents can be digitised and then placed into a process or workflow that ultimately is advantageous to any business or organisation, for profit or non-profit.

One of the biggest expenses for an organisation is typically document production. This is an expense that is estimated at around 3% of revenue. Therefore, it makes sense to gain control of your print environment and activate savings, both short-term and long-term, as soon as possible.

These savings will only come about by changing printing habits and reducing print volume. It requires the streamlining of your supplier numbers with one solution, relative to your printer estate. This will reduce those spiralling costs, increase productivity, lessen your impact on the environment and allow focus on your core business.

Optimised information processes

Managing your own print environment and the processes that go with that is costly and extremely time consuming. It can drain the resources of any business. Today, all Ricoh devices have exceptional capabilities and intelligence. The capability of these devices allows for the optimisation of information processes that boost efficiency, address concerns around information security and allow every business to tackle head on the escalating costs associated with an unmanaged print infrastructure.

The significant financial investment involved in the purchase of print devices for organisations of any size merits maximisation of its full potential in all areas. Yield the greatest returns to benefit your business by incorporating these devices into the wider picture of digitalisation, security, workflow and document management.

The digital transformation of a business or organisation begins with a managed print service, regardless of the size of that organisation.

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