Family fun machine! Making the most of your multifunction printer

Today, with many individuals working from home, a printer is something most households possess. In fact, many families have someone working in a fully functioning home office space, equipped with its own multifunction photocopier/printer. But after the day of work is done, what value does a printer bring to the family as a whole?

Getting the most value out of your home printer

It’s fair to say that younger members of the family generally don’t engage with this device, save for the odd school assignment and possibly when the more entrepreneurial amongst them takes a stab at creating a fake ID 😉 Given that you provide this printer/photocopier with a safe and loving home, it’s only fair that it should have something to offer ever family member in return! Preferably, an offering that’s less about work and more about having fun. We’re going to show you how, with very little effort, your home scanner/copier/printer can become synonymous with fun and creativity!

Here is just a sample of the simple and fun ways to get the most out of your home printer.

Make your own gift wrap paper

true copy printer art and craft

The home printer is perfect for arts and crafts

This is super easy to do! If you’re using a photocopier or multi-function device, you can design the wrapping paper yourself and personalise it, too. Have a browse through the vast amount of designs available on the internet and you’ll find that most are available to be printed for free. A good tip – when printing for the wrapping of small gifts always use the lightest weight paper (that’s the ‘gsm’ weight) you can find, as it will make the task of wrapping the gift a lot easier.

Here are some really quick and simple design ideas to get you started:

Lay your favourite fabric face down on the glass of the photocopier or, alternatively, use lots of brightly coloured flower petals or different size colored buttons. Make sure to place buttons face down on the glass and always put the photocopier platen cover down (that’s the lid for us non-technical folks). Crafty kids big and small will love laying the fabric, buttons or petals on the glass with the help of an adult and feel such pride using their creation to wrap a gift for their friends or family members. Additionally, you can place some small photos onto the glass – photos of the person for whom the gift is for, or photos taken of the gift giver and receiver taken together. Then add in some fabric, paperclips or buttons. The final product also works great as fancy writing paper. If you are making it for this purpose, you can create a nice touch by placing the buttons or petals around the inside edge of the A4 glass area. This will have the effect of creating a decorative border for the writing paper. Add festive touches by using different colour paper, for example red paper at Christmas or St. Valentine’s Day.

One to ten counting picture frames for kids

This is a fun and helpful way for children to learn the value of the numbers one to ten. You will need a multifunction device or a photocopier. However, if you only have a printer, you can achieve a similar effect by getting the children to choose some images on the internet for each of the numbers 1 to 10.

Print them off and follow these instructions:

  • For the best result, you will need 10x large, coloured paper clips and 10 x A5 size picture frames (148 mm x 210 mm).
  • Place one paper clip on the right-hand side of the A4 glass on your device. With an imaginary line drawn down the middle of the glass, place two paperclips on the left side.
  • Close the platen cover and hit copy. This way you can cut the print in half after it is made and you have no paper waste.
  • For the next print, place three coloured paperclips on the left side of the glass and four on the right, close the platen cover, hit copy. Continue to do this for numbers five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten, until you have five prints.
  • Fold each print in half and cut along the folded line to give you individual prints for each number from one to ten.
  • Get the children to count the number of paperclips in each of the ten prints and write, in thick marker, the number on that A5 page.
  • Place each of the images into one of the frames. Alternatively use some pegs to attach the images to a piece of ribbon or string. This can then be hung as a garland.

Poster prints

true copy printers and photocopiers

Printers and photocopiers at True Copy

This is a great idea for a kid’s birthday party, 21st birthday celebration, communion celebration, house party or any family event or gathering. It really is super easy to print some cool multi-page poster sized pieces of art using one of the many online poster designing tools such as BlockPosters.

All you need to do is upload your chosen image to the application. It will then split the image into several single pages. You are then given the option to save the image as a PDF. You then simply print the PDF out on your printer or multifunction device and arrange the individual sheets. This results in a poster of your chosen image. It makes a great talking point at any family gathering.

Greeting Cards

We can all relate to the joy of receiving and giving cards on special occasions, but sometimes it can feel they are rather costly and a little too impersonal. While it is always the thought that counts, no one can deny that extra special feeling we get when someone goes the extra mile and makes us a personalized card. It is now easier than ever to create your own cards, with loads of great free templates available online, such as Greetings Island or Mes Cards.

Why not take this a step further and purchase some snazzy greeting card paper. This can be purchased with a gloss finish on one side and a matt finish on the other. Your cards will have the professional look and feel of its costly, shop bought equivalent, but with a genuinely personal sentiment. It really is a very simple procedure when using one of these free templates. Just add a title text of your choice and a personalized message, upload a photo and hit print! While you’re at it, you can even create a matching envelope.

Those are just a few of the countless ways you can add creativity and fun to family life with your multifunction printer. They’re capable of so much more than just printing spreadsheets and bills, so let your creative juices flow and experiment!

And if you’re looking for some emergency inspiration, why not take a stab at printing your own tshirts?!

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