Smart Document Management

Poorly managed document handling slows activities across the entire business, creating bottlenecks and causing inefficiencies and frustration. Ensuring that a business has timely access to its most current information is critical and any time or cost overheads associated with storing, managing and retrieving information can have an impact on productivity. Paper-based information is very difficult to manage – physically and from a cost perspective it is simply not a practical option. Today, organisations need to do more than just capture and convert paper into a digital format – creating a PDF document has its limitations as they are difficult to edit and share. Businesses need to lower costs, automate workflows, reduce their eco-footprint and improve security and regulatory compliance.

Document Management puts paper-based data directly into electronic workflows that are fast, secure and accurate. Starting right at the copier, you can capture, process, connect and automate paper information into digital information that flows effortlessly into and through the electronic channels of your business. While improving efficiency and security compliance – piles of paper get smaller and business moves faster.


Increase productivity and accelerate business processes

Transforming paper into electronic documents with on-demand scanning solutions is the key to boosting productivity and accelerating business processes. By scanning paper documents and connecting them to collaboration, desktop publishing, and archival workflows, users are able to immediately locate and retrieve the information they are looking for and get more done in less time.

Control document access and distribution

With more control over how electronic documents are created, stored, managed and accessed you increase efficiency and effectiveness as in an electronic format they can be reused and controlled more effectively. Automating workflows that anyone can access right at the copier allows users to save documents into the format they are required and send the file to where it needs to go – in a way that complies with security and privacy requirements and conserves paper.

The right Document Management solution helps companies to;

  • Reduce storage requirements and free up office space
  • Control and secure sensitive documents
  • Search for and retrieve documents faster
  • Share and collaborate more effectively