No hidden costs, excluded items or minimum quotas. You can trust our prices every time.


We offer genuine flexibility, with separate machine/service contracts and just one month’s notice.


In the event of a breakdown, a qualified engineer will call out within four hours.


Devices & Support

Every business needs cost effective, professional, in-house printing it can rely on. The right solution can deliver the print features, functionality and security the business requires while saving time, money and reducing waste.


Understanding what the business needs starts with an accurate estimate of your usage. This allows us to recommend a device based on how much you print, scan or copy and the printing capabilities you require. With the right Ricoh device your printing will more efficient and secure and you will pay the lowest per copy cost.



Remote monitoring gives you the peace of mind that maintenance issues will be addressed before you even know about them and that we will replace toner before it runs out. By monitoring usage against your print allowance, we can adjust your service plan, so you are not paying for a print allowance that is beyond your actual use or incurring cost for exceeding an allowance that’s simply too low.


There is no shortage of choice when it comes to selecting a printer. We help you choose from a range of high-quality Ricoh printers - based on the speed, size and capability you require. Focusing on the business and what it needs from a printer, ensures the most reliable, cost-effective solution for you.

Multi Function Printers (MFPs)

Multi Function printers simplify printing, scanning, copying and faxing and are highly configurable to meet your needs. Smart technology, superior image quality and document-sharing capabilities can help increase business productivity, enhance security and control costs.


Single Function Printers

Fast, flexible single function solutions ensure consistent quality and productivity. Our selection of black and white and colour printers deliver incredible image quality, easy-to-use features and convenient connectivity options, including wireless networking and mobile printing.

Managed Print Service

As more devices are added to the network to meet the needs of the organisation, print becomes complex. Unless all the devices can be seen and controlled efficiently, it is difficult to manage and control. Organisations find themselves paying significantly higher printing costs based on poor management of their print fleet.

Here are some of the many ways costs are reduced:

Direct print to the most cost-effective device.
Enforce duplex printing.
Default to black and white.
Track and charge back costs.
View printers, IP addresses and status alerts.
Produce standard and custom reports.

Document Management

Transforming paper into electronic documents is the key to increasing productivity and accelerating business processes. Today, organisations need to do even more than just capture and convert paper into a digital format. They need to lower costs, automate workflows, reduce their eco-footprint and improve security and regulatory compliance.

Document Management puts paper-based data directly into electronic workflows that are fast, secure and accurate. Starting right at the copier, you can capture, process, connect and automate paper information into digital information that flows effortlessly into and through the electronic channels of your business. While improving efficiency and security compliance – piles of paper get smaller and business moves faster.